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School Newsletter 25th October 2018

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Dear Parents

It was lovely to see many parents sharing their child’s story together in Class Mary yesterday. The language the children had used and the ideas in their stories show great creativity. Maisie and Zach have reviewed Kalebh and Rufus’s stories from class Mary and have written book reviews for the newsletter this week – why not pop into class Mary and have a read of the stories they have recommended?

There will be an opportunity for parents of children in class Jacob to share their work based around their text ‘Can we save the Tiger?’ on Thursday 8th November 8:45 – 9:15am.

On Tuesday 20th November we will be holding an open evening for parents of children due to start school in reception 2019. In order to showcase the variety of learning that takes place in school we would like some of the children to come and be involved in activities planned by the adults in school. You would need to drop your child off at school at 6:00pm and collect them again at 7:00pm. Please let us know if your child can be involved by completing the slip attached to the end of the newsletter.

 Have a lovely half term break!

 Yours faithfully,   

Pip Worswick

School Newsletter October 25th 2018

School Newsletter 11th October 2018

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Dear Parents

 Well done to the Y5/6 cross country team who competed at Eaton bank Academy on Tuesday this week. They showed great determination, supported each other as a team and pushed through the pain barrier to finish well.

 Family members in class Noah were treated to a book launch as their children shared with them their stories about the lost polar bear. All the children had used their learning from ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers to create their own texts. The description in their narratives and the children’s development as young writers was beautiful to see.

 Exciting news from this week – we had google in school! The internet legends team came and presented to class Mary and class Jacob to teach them about becoming an internet legend – staying safe online. Click on this link to see more about internet legends I had the privilege of working with class Jacob afterwards and their work showed that they are really becoming safe little internet users – really well presented information too! This afternoon, I have the opportunity to work with class Mary and will be reinforcing the internet safety messages.

 Pip Worswick

Newsletter October 11th 2018

school newsletter 27th September

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Dear Parents

 Several children from Astbury School completed the library reading challenge over the summer holiday and have been proudly showing others their certificates and medals. It is great to hear children talking about books and authors as well as sharing their favourite book titles with one another. Two children in Y6 have written book reviews / recommendations for this newsletter:

  Please help your child by supporting with their learning at home as much as you can. There are still many children not completing their reading diaries each week and not bringing them to school each day. Please remember that the diaries have a double page for one week. You can always split the reading rows into more rows if you read lots!

The majority of children in school are now completing homework and handing it in on time. Please remember, that with our new approach, this can be as much or as little as you feel is appropriate for your family, depending on how busy you are. The learning can even be completed as a discussion in the car if you are going away for the weekend and have not done the work by Friday. If you are unsure of what is expected, please read through the homework letter again and/or come and talk with your child’s teacher.

 We have been supporting our local community by joining in a litter pick last Friday afternoon. The children in Class Mary were expecting to find only a small amount of rubbish around the playground and the village hall. They were shocked to collect three bags full!

 Mrs P Worswick

Newsletter Sept 27th 2018

School newsletter 13th September

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Dear Parents


Exciting news – each class is blogging to share learning with you! Please register on our school website to be authorised to view the blog for your child’s class. The link to the blogs can be found at the bottom of the front page of the site.

  Click on the class that you want to register for and then click on the ‘ if you would like to register . . . Please CLICK HERE’

Please choose a username (only lowercase a-z and numbers) Once you have registered, your child’s teacher will authorise you to view the blog – once registered, you will receive notifications when the blog is updated to keep up to date with learning that is going on in your child’s class.

 If you have family members or Godparents etc. that would like to be authorised to see the blog too then please pass on this information to them. We might not recognise their name so please let us know who to look out for so we can authorise access for them. If you have a child in another class – or you want a look at what goes on in another class – then once you are registered with one class, we can authorise you access to other classes.

If you have any problems with accessing the blogs, please let us know.

 The routines of the term are starting; reading was last week and spelling was set on Monday. Other homework has been set yesterday for the half term – please check your child’s bag and read the letter in the front of their book. The curriculum plan for this term for their class is being given to children today and will shortly be on the website.

Please read this to support learning in the conversations you have about the day in the car or around the tea table.

 Staff are keen to plan information meetings / workshops for parents – such as the class welcome meetings, helping your child in reading, how we teach maths, residential meetings, keeping your child safe online etc. I would be grateful if you would complete the short survey at the end of this letter regarding days / times that you could work around to attend a meeting in school so that when we plan for this year we can bear this in mind.

 Democracy has been exercised during this week on several occasions. Classes have voted for pupil council members and yesterday, the whole school listened to speeches and voted for Head Girl and Head Boy leadership positions.

 The councils and roles will be in the next newsletter – many congratulations to all who were elected and well done to all who took the time to prepare their speech and put themselves forward.

 Finally, I will be teaching in class Jacob and class Noah on Wednesdays, my focus will be on the children in these classes unless these is an emergency! Please be aware of this if you need to contact me.

 Pip Worswick

Newsletter Sept 13th 2018

School Newsletter 12th July 2018

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Dear Parents

 Didn’t we do well in the carnival! We have had an amazing year and have achieved so much as a school. There is a review of the year coming out in the parish news. If you don’t get a copy of that then I’ll make sure it is emailed out.

 Our Town Sports team competed against other schools in Congleton last week in track and field events. The children ran with determination and supported their team really well with enthusiastic cheering! We got through to several finals in the track events and years three and four were extremely successful in the javelin and long jump, winning four medals. Well done to Annabelle, Zach, Kalebh and Rosie on their individual achievements.

 Keeping your children safe whilst gaming – I have added some parental guides onto the website If you haveX box, Nintendo, Wii and Play Station in your house then please read the guides and ensure your controls are set at the appropriate levels for younger users.

 Children in KS2 have been busy preparing for their summer production. The stage is set and rehearsals almost complete. The younger children enjoyed the dress rehearsal performance this afternoon. It has been lovely to see the children taking on their roles and gaining confidence in their presentation.

 Thank you to everyone who has returned their questionnaire this year. They will be looked at during the staff meeting with governors on Monday. If you have not sent yours back yet – one per child please – then send it in tomorrow. Paper copies are available on the table in the children’s entrance area.

 As this is the last newsletter of the year, I wish you all a great summer holiday.

 Pip Worswick

Newsletter July 12th 2018

Newsletter 28th June 2018

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Dear Parents

 As many of our year six children have had transition days to high school today, so in school we have been practising being in our new classes, and for some of us, new rooms. We have welcomed back Miss Hall from her maternity leave. She returns to teach the Y3/4 class from September. All the year one and year two children will be together in September, further supporting consistency in teaching throughout the infants. We are changing the layout of the infant department, using the current Y5/6 classroom as a second classroom for the infant children giving more space and flexibility for teaching and learning. The structure of the junior classes remains the same and we plan to split Y5 and Y6 from January 2019 as this has been so successful this year.

 Classes for September:

Class name

Year groups

Class teacher

To be confirmed

Reception /Y1/2

Mrs Hodder / Mrs Wade and Mrs Armitt – team teaching



Miss Hall



Mr Stanlake

 Have your say – As this year comes to a close, I would be grateful if you would complete the parent questionnaire. Whilst this can be done online at it is helpful to have paper copies as you can add any comments that you want to tell us about and we would particularly like you to tell us what we have done well this year and what we can do to improve. The questionnaire is attached at the end of the newsletter and paper copies are available on the table in the entrance area. Please return these by Monday 9th July.

Excellent homework – Children in the infants have amazed their teachers while they have presented their world cup country homework projects this week. A fantastic spread of creativity using IT, balloons, a T shirt and some wonderful models of pyramids and a French high street! The projects showed lots of great learning and the children demonstrated confidence in sharing their knowledge with an audience too!

 Pip Worswick

 Newsletter 28th June 2018

Newsletter 14th June 2018

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Dear Parents

 Children in years five and six had a brilliant start to this half term as they attended their residential. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to develop resilience, find inner strength, fight their fears, have fun with friends, try new things and support one another as team. It was lovely to see each one grow in confidence as they created so many memories that will last a life time.

 Last Friday, Mrs Wade announced to the children that the school council had won the social media safety competition as the best primary school. Five hundred schools were invited to participate and we were shortlisted to the final thirteen. The hard work of everyone has really paid off and we are delighted to have been so successful in promoting the important message of safety online as well as promoting our school. Well done to all the school council!

 On Tuesday, Dave Cullen, from Astbury Golf Club, was invited into school to give children the opportunity to try a new sport – golf. We certainly have some budding golfers aspiring to be Justin Rose or Charley Hull in our midst! The children tried new skills and had mini tournaments. It was great to see such enthusiasm from the children as they watched, practised and tried to get better with every shot.

 Staff from Chester Diocese Academy Trust (CDAT) continue to work closely with our school as we prepare for our conversion to become an academy. The education officer and I have continued to be focused on school improvement and staff have started to work together, receiving professional development through training and joint work with staff from other schools. Governors have a three-year strategic plan that forms the longer term vision for our school (this was included in a newsletter earlier this year) and further support for leadership and teaching staff is being provided by Sue Riley, head at Brereton and CDAT consultant.

 Please remember to follow us on facebook and twitter as well as downloading the school App to keep up to date with important calendar events. If you are not sure how to get the school app, then please speak to Mrs Cameron.

 Pip Worswick

Newsletter 14th June 2018

School Newsletter 24th May 2018

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Dear Parents

   We had an excellent Christian values and British values day in school on Tuesday. Many children came wearing red, white and blue clothing, we sang the National Anthem and had a traditional British lunch with summer fruit pudding for desert! The day started with children working in the hall in small groups during worship to discuss the nine fruits of the Spirit as values. They were asked to prioritise the one they thought was the most important and to be able to give a reason why. Love was the top value selected by many groups of children with self-control as a close second. This discussion work will form part of our core values as a school in the future.

 Children then took part in activities that taught them about the British values: Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance. The staff at school worked in teams to deliver an hour’s session on a value and the children rotated around the staff during the day. We will soon be displaying some of the children’s work from the day and you are welcome to come in to school to see the displays.

 The weather played its part on Saturday as Astbury Village celebrated May Day. Thank you for all your support for the children in providing clothes for their costumes and coming along on the day to celebrate with us. Many congratulations to Savannah, our new May Queen, who now begins her year serving our school and raising funds. All the children did so well in all the parts that they played on the day. The dancing this year was fantastic! The May Day committee worked incredibly hard to plan, promote and organise the day and as a school we are extremely grateful to them for all their hard work. There is a debrief in the Egerton Arms on Tuesday 12th June at 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend. If you have not yet brought your costume back to school – unwashed – then please send it in tomorrow. If you are able to volunteer to take a bag of clothes home to wash then please let us know and come in to collect a bag from the office.

 Last Friday, many children wore an item of orange to raise awareness of anaphylaxis. We currently have two pupils in school who have this allergy and teaching the children about allergies, the importance of not sharing food and what to do if someone has an allergic reaction was an important part of the day. Thank you to everyone who supported this day.

Children in Year two and Year six have now completed their SATs and I am extremely proud of their attitude and approach towards them. Thank you for all your support in learning at home, encouraging your child to attend SATs club after school and for helping your child in wanting to learn and do their best.

 The new GDPR come into effect from tomorrow. Please see the attached privacy notice – please read, sign and return to school. A paper copy will be sent home with each family, spares will be available on the table in the entrance. Our new data protection policy will be uploaded to our website asap.

 Have a great week off school and enjoy the sunshine!

 Yours faithfully

Pip Worswick

Newsletter 24th May 2018

School newsletter 10th May 2018

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Dear Parents

Children from years three and four took part in the Eaton Bank Dance Primary Dance Festival. They danced beautifully to The Greatest Showman – ‘A Million Dreams’. Their dance showed expression, a range of levels and great cooperation with each other as they lifted and moved across the stage. Students from EBA had worked with our children on the choreography and practised to give them the confidence to perform.

Well done to all the dancers, you represented the school really well. It was lovely to see our Astbury family in action!

Mrs Worswick

School Newsletter 10th May 2018

Newsletter 26th April 2018

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Dear Parents

 What a fantastic weekend we had with all our teams competing in the Congleton Town Triathlon. Astbury entered four mixed children’s teams, two individual competitors and two mixed adult teams.


Team one

Team two

Team three

Team four



Harry AW



Freya D





Harry A


Becky M







Mrs Hocknell

Miss Hall

Mrs Douce

Mr Moore

Mrs Moore




Mr Tickner


Well done to everyone who took part and also to all those who came to support. Our Astbury family were out in force to work together!

 The school council are excited to have been selected by a panel of judges to enter the final of the Cheshire Police safeguarding radio competition. They put together a minute radio clip emphasising the importance of staying safe online and staying safe when sharing information online. Four representatives from the council attended an event at Safety Central in Lymm this week with Mrs Wade. They worked with a producer to re-record their clip and are now down to the final thirteen schools, from a hundred who entered. It will be the public who decide the winner by voting once the clips go live. Please watch out for further information and when we have the links please share widely and keep voting for our clip to win! The clip with the most votes wins and there is no limit to the number of times you can vote. Well done to all the school council for your work on this competition and the important safety message.

All the children in classes Mary and Jacob have had a taster cricket lesson led by Mossley cricket club. This was a great opportunity for children to experience working with a club and to practise sports skills.

 Yours faithfully

 Pip Worswick

 Newsletter 27-Apr-2018