School Council

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Astbury School Council is run by the children of Astbury for the children of Astbury, with a little bit of help from Mrs Wade.  The council is made up of class representatives who were voted for by their classmates.  We meet every week on a Thursday lunch time to plan exciting ways of improving the school and raising money to improve learning at Astbury.  We believe in making Asbury a better school for everybody.



In 2012-2013 we managed to do all these things.

November & December- children in need, toy auction, silent auction

March & April- red nose day, Easter Egg hunt and Egg Factor

May& June- Bullying survey and posters.

Last school Year we managed to raise £50 for each class to spend on playtime resources. Which will soon be spent on things the children want.

We also had a bullying poster campaign to encourage children to remember how to be nice and kind to each other.


In 2013-2014 we managed to do all these things.

October -Wear Blue for BLISS day.

On Thursday 17th October school council held a fundraising day for the charities ‘BLISS’ and ‘Tiny Hands’ – two organisations that support families with premature babies. This was because at Astbury School we have recently had two families that have had extremely premature babies and they used the support of charities.

School council made blue cakes to sell, they were that popular we had to make extra at lunch to sell more at afternoon play.

We raised £165

In the 2014 New Year we started the School Council Monthly Market. On our first Market we managed to sell out of everything, except the fruit-which was strange as that’s what people asked for on the market! We are hoping to do the Market again but due to other school fundraisers we may have to wait until next year.

In June our Chair and Vice Chair attended a trip to London where they visited the houses of Parliament and were able to see what happens when in you can be in charge of and representing hundreds of thousands of people. They had a great time and really enjoyed the experience.

After a successful Year in 2013-2014 School Council we would like to say thank you to our Chair and Vice Chair Olivia and Summer and wish them well for the future at Congleton High.

Watch this space for the new School Council of 2014-2015.


In 2014-2015 we managed to do all these things:

  • Completed Operation Christmas Child
  • Tubs4tablets-but unfortunately we didn’t get enough tubs.
  • New behaviour star- for children who are above and beyond in their attitude to learning and others.
  • Pupil Voice Day
  • Red Nose day

In February we had our first ever Pupil Voice day. this was a day where we were able to voice our opinions of all the children in school. School Council worked with Governors to collect information from the classes,. Then they set to creating a new action plan for the future of Astbury children’s Pupil Voice.

Present school council 2015 – 2016

The members of the School Council meet every week in Mrs. Wade’s classroom on a Thursday lunch time where we discuss a variety of subjects as we strive for the pupil voice to be heard. We work together with staff and governors at Astbury to create a fun and happy learning environment!

Please see our display in the corridor by the hall to see what projects we have worked on and what we are busy planning next! If you would like anything discussed at a meeting come and see us!

So far this year we have:


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